"You are guaranteed to receive a PBG pre-paid MasterCard Card today"

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As the title suggests, my first gripe today is spam.

My email address didn't suffer from this problem until about two weeks ago when I started to get a couple a day. "Not too bad", I thought, "It's only the odd one about mortgages".

In the past 24 hours, I have had a total 77 spam mails, Matador MailFrontier now has it's work cut out. You spammers are bastards, I hope you all rot in hell.

Annnnyway... onto other business...

I'm on holiday now for two weeks, and then there's only 15 days until we break up forever (so waz says anyway).

One thing I'm certainly going to miss is the social aspect of school, other than that I can't really think of anything else I'll miss except my mates bogging off to university, you deserters - you'd better stay in contact!

Ooh, and Easter is on Sunday... Mmm, chocolate!

I'll leave you with the album name of 50 Pence: "Get Rich or Claim Benefit" - classic!




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