"Pro-England? Me? Never!"

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Well, OK. So I am.

I don't follow football much, until it comes to the national team, then I'm as involved as a footie fanatic.

Hence the reason this time round my site has been decorated with some pro-England propaganda

For those un-enlightened beings that dont know what Euro 2004 is, you can find their website here.

No doubt I'll be blogging my thoughts on each match as I did with World Cup 2002 back on Windoze.biz 1, ahh memories....

Anyway, let's keep to the present...

Just joined the Micra Sports Club official membership scheme after two months of freeloading!

Also, first exam on the 11th June, hey wait, I don't wanna bore you all with that! I can't even remember which exam it is... Better find that out quickly!

On Wednesday I'm gonna be touching up some rust issues on my Micra's wheel arches, and while I have the red paint, I'm gonna colour code the mirrors and door handles. Should be fun.

Oooh that reminds me, gotta pay for a Micra badge on eBay...

Wow, what a long blog from me, Waz would be proud of me .

Anyway, off to finish listening to Genesis (I'm in a retro mood right now, with my music taste involving Phil Collins' old stuff and Genesis)




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