"a new year, a new website!"

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welcome to 2004 everyone!

windoze.biz will be two years old on the twenty second of january, and one of my new year's resolutions is to keep this site updated (honest!).

all the links on the navigation to the left work, i know, great isn't it?

also new to windoze.biz this time round: styles! currently there are four: 'warm orange', 'cold as ice', 'seaside' & 'midnight'. as time progresses the choice will increase. however, to use styles you must be a registered user as the choice is stored in your profile. all previous windoze.biz users have been given warm orange by default, and visitors will only be able to view this site in warm orange or without any style.

archives of news from versions five and six are available by going to the news section and choosing 'archives'.

enjoy the new site, and feel free to leave comments in the redesigned guestbook!



james, site owner.



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