"The Great Xbox 360 Hunt!"

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Got to London for about 6.30, took the tube to Victoria to meet Ant and my cousin, hopes high for the 360.

We then walked to Picadilly Circus to find the local GAME and Virgin Megastores, to be told GAME had none and Virgin had 10-12 but they would be closing and re-opening before they were on sale (we assumed open at Midnight).

So we wandered off towards Oxford Street to the official launch of the 360 at the GAME over there (where they were only letting pre-order people in). Got there and there were Xbox people giving out free pizza (We took 2 each except Ant was given 3, milk Microsoft for all it’s worth! :D ).

We walked a bit further down Oxford Street to the Virgin Megastores there, the guy behind the counter told Ant they had a “VERY small number” available but they weren’t selling them until 8am. So we went up to the classical section (it’s quiet there) to ring 4 of the nearest 24hr Tescos on a list I’d made before we set off. All sold out.

So we went to an easyInternet cafe back in Picadilly Circus, rang 25 more of the closest 24hr Tescos - 1 Tesco, in Crawley, West Sussex said they were expecting some during the night but didn’t know when.

On the train to Croydon we got, where we got into my car and drove to Crawley. By the time we got there - you guessed it - all gone!

So we called it a night and drove home. Dropped Ant off at about 01.45am and I was back by 2am.

When I got up, I decided I’d have one more stab at it so I went to PC World in Chatham, saw a woman coming out with a green 360 box, ran up to the shop, turns out I missed out by a matter of MINUTES. All because I was stuck in a damn traffic jam for 20 minutes getting off the Isle of Sheppey!! Tried various other shops on the way into work but all had sold out. Still in disbelief that I missed out because of the terrible traffic management on Sheppey!

Didn’t get one, but had one hell of a fun 24hrs!

Roll on January ‘06!


PS: Pics to follow when I get home



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