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So, i got back from America a week ago. I had written out everything I had done the day before I left America, but I lost it. So here goes...

States I visited (in that order), then places underneath::

  • Georgia

    • Atlanta

    • Duluth

  • Tennessee

    • Nashville

    • Memphis

  • Akansas

    • Fort Worth

  • Oklahoma

    • Oklahoma City

    • Tulsa

  • Texas

    • Dallas

    • Austin

    • San Antonio

    • Houston

  • Louisiana

    • Baton Rouge

    • New Orleans

  • Mississippi

    • Didn't stop

  • Alabama

    • Birmingham

  • Florida

    • Pensacola

Stuff I like/amuses me in America:

  • The fact they have large McFlurries...

  • ...and Oreo ones too!

  • Vanilla Pepsi

  • Beef Jerky (try it, it rocks!)

  • The way their adverts so obviously diss other brands

  • President Bush election campaign messages

  • Spike TV

  • 99x Atlanta

  • Route 66

  • ...I'm sure there's more, but I can't remember it all right now

Stuff I don't like/annoys me in America:

  • They rip off our Big Tasty (they call it a Big 'n' Tasty)

  • Most people don't know how to overtake and turn OFF cruise control

  • The airport security (nearly made us miss the flight back)

  • Static shocks from nearly EVERYTHING!

  • Motels next to Interstates

  • ...I'm sure there's more, but I can't remember it all right now

So in summary, I had a great time :D.

If I remember more, I'll post it here.

Recovered from jet lag.

PS: Hello to any teachers from my school (you know who you are )



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